Do you have trouble sleeping?
Posted on July 21, 2016

Sleep Better with these Tips: 

Sometimes our allergies keep us from getting a good night's sleep.  Those pesky allergy symptoms of nasal congestion, itchy eyes and nose, coughing, and watering eyes can make it hard to get a good night's sleep.  As you sit in bed wondering why you can't fall asleep...your allergies don't even come to mind.  You suffer with these frustrating symptoms as you try to fall asleep just so the symptoms are silenced.

Before you go to sleep - try these tips and see if it helps.

  • Keep your air conditioner on (keep more of the pollen out by keeping the windows closed)
  • Avoiding having your pet in your bed and/or bedroom
  • Keep your bed clean - click here for a more in depth article about your bed from CNN
  • Use hot water to wash laundry
  • Get an allergen free pillow case
  • Take a shower and steam it up (get the steam going through your nasal passages to breathe better)
  • Talk to your Doctor about the options out there to fight allergies


Getting a good night rest can affect your whole day.  Don't let allergies come between you and sleep.  Call Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, S.C. today at 414.529.8500 to see what we can do to help you sleep better with allergies.


What do you do to try to fight allergies at bedtime? 

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