Penicillin Testing at AASC
Posted on March 6, 2017

Are you penicillin allergic?  Have you been tested, or did you just have a reaction when you were young? At AASC we offer penicillin allergy testing to determine whether you are truly allergic.

Here is a fun fact for you...90% of patients who report being allergic to penicillin actually are not allergic.  In fact, 80% of patients who truly did have an allergic reaction more than 10 years ago will have lost their sensitivity and will be able to tolerate penicillin and its related antibiotics without any ill effects.  A simple, single-visit testing procedure will determine with certainty if you are penicillin allergic.

The process is very simple:

1. Application in the office of a skin prick test on the forearm and observation for a reaction.
We do a total of 5 (Penicillin, Ampicillin, PrePren and then positive and negative controls). Once those are in place, the patient will wait 15 minutes and staff will record the results.

2. An intradermal (just under the skin) injection will be used if a previous penicillin test was negative.
These stay on for an additional 15 minutes and staff will the record those results.

3. Patients who complete the skin testing without a positive reaction will do an oral challenge to chewable amoxicillin in graduated amounts.

The total time a patient will spend in our office for these tests is around 2.5 hours, unless there is a positive test to the skin prick or intradermal test.

After a negative challenge, a patient can tell their doctors that they are not allergic to penicillin, and that it can be used to treat future infections. Make sure to check your insurance plan to see how drug allergy testing will be covered.

If you have questions or would like to get tested for penicillin allergy, call us today at 414.529.8500.

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