Spring Allergy Update
Posted on March 20, 2017

Spring is here early this year. With high temperatures in February, we are able to go outside earlier, enjoy the sun and pick up all of our favorite spring and summer activities early in the year. But the downside of that is allergies to the spring pollens are going to start earlier. If spring allergies get you down, keep reading to learn what to expect and what to do to keep your spring enjoyable!

Why are my allergies so bad in the spring?

The beauty that we enjoy so much in spring – blooming flowers, grass becoming green again – happens because of pollination. Grasses, flowers, trees and weeds release increased amount of pollens into the air. These pollens – or allergens – are what cause your spring reactions. When you breathe them in, your body “counterattacks” with histamine, giving you symptoms.

What can I do?

Pollen is tiny and gets carried by pollinators like bees, your pets, and even the wind. While it’s impossible to avoid pollen completely, there are a few things that you can do to avoid coming into contact with excessive amounts:

  1. Keep your windows shut. It may be tempting to let the warm breezes in after months of cold weather, but this allows the pollen into your house when it is airborne.
  2. Keep the drying inside. Hanging sheets and clothes on the line outside means they will be bringing pollens back inside with them.
  3. Avoid outside activities in the morning. This is when allergens are the highest, so try to schedule your “fun in the sun” around these peaks. Be sure to check milwaukeepollen.com frequently for current pollen levels.
  4. Limit your exposure to pollens when gardening and mowing the lawn. It is best to have someone else in your household do this if you have environmental allergies. If you absolutely must (and your allergies aren’t extremely severe), then wear a mask to reduce your inhalation of pollen.
  5. Wash your clothes frequently to remove the stuck-on pollens. Take your shoes off outside or right inside the door.

Though these precautions will help calm your symptoms this spring, they are not perfect. To make sure that you can take advantage of the spring weather, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors!

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