Is my asthma under control?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and need to use your rescue inhaler more than once or twice a month?

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Why our asthma care is state‐of‐the‐art

  • We take advantage of everything precision medicine has to offer, helping you choose the most appropriate treatment plan for you through shared decision‐making, ensuring that we achieve your maximum possible lung function with the lowest possible use of steroids

  • We use the latest diagnostic technologies. One of the newest ways to measure lung function, impulse oscillometry, is a useful way to find out early whether young children are at risk of asthma attacks, and to ensure that their lungs are growing and developing normally

  • Another newer test, exhaled Nitric Oxide, measures airway inflammation to make sure you are taking enough medication to control the asthma without taking any more than what you truly need, and indicates your risk of future asthma attacks

  • We perform all asthma testing in our office ‐ there is no need to schedule a separate appointment at a hospital Pulmonary Function Lab

  • We offer patients the latest in asthma therapy, and if nothing currently on the market is working, we also have an active clinical research program to offer emerging technologies

What makes our staff different?
  • Our front office staff will check your insurance eligibility, and can typically bring you in within 2-3 weeks. No need to wait for months

  • Our clinical staff are trained in asthma education to make sure you understand everything, and are using all of your inhalers correctly

  • Dr. Steven draws upon 24 years of clinical experience and a lifetime of working to control his own asthma to most effectively help you control yours. His expertise has been recognized by Best Doctors in America®, and our nation’s top allergy experts have recognized his achievements by selecting him for leadership roles in both national allergy and asthma physician organizations

  • Dr. Bukstein is an internationally recognized expert in shared decision-making and medication adherence, and is board‐certified in both allergy and pulmonary medicine

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