The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center operates a Clinical Research Department under Dr. Steven's direction. People interested in clinical research sometimes participate out of an interest to help others, but are most often looking to try new medications, because those that are available don't control their symptoms well. A stipend is provided to compensate you for the time that is required to participate in the study, including filling out diary cards, transportation to and from the clinic, etc. The payments typically range from $200 to as much as $4000, depending on how much time and effort is required by the study. Investigational medications are always provided at no cost to you and all physical exams, blood work, lung function testing and other procedures are performed free of charge. All study-related medication is provided at no cost during the trial, which can last anywhere from a few weeks to as long as a year, depending on the study.

Dr. Steven has extensive experience in clinical trials, completing five or six studies per year since 1994, and earning the distinction as a Certified Physician Investigator through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. This is awarded to physicians who strive to gather high quality data while paying rigorous attention to patient safety. Furthermore, since excellence in health care requires cooperation among all of your physicians, we always ask for your permission for us to share the results of study-related procedures with your primary care physician - such as X-rays, blood work, EKGs, lung function tests and any other procedures required by the study.

Have any questions about clinical research? Call us at (414) 529‐8519 or contact us below!

Please note participation in studies will require multiple visits to our Greenfield, WI location.

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Currently Enrolling Studies

Allergy Studies

Grass Allergy (Ages 18-65)

Asthma Studies

Logos Asthma (Ages 12-80)

Vathos Asthma (Ages 12-80)

Cipla CRD (Ages 18-70)

P10 Asthma (Ages 5+)

Force 2 (Ages 18-75)

COPD Studies

Pillar COPD (Ages 40+)

Notus COPD (Ages 40-85)

Sinus Studies

Orchid Nasal Polyps (Ages 18-75)

Biohaven Sinusitis (Ages 18+)

Other Studies

Maverick Hive (Ages 18+)

Future Clinical Trials

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