Allergy Prevention
Posted on October 6, 2016

Reducing Risk of My Baby Being Allergic

Although effective treatments are available, there are currently no cures for allergic conditions.  Therefore it makes sense to try to prevent these conditions from developing in the first place in infants and children.  The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center Prevention Clinic has an approach that works, based on the most recent evidence available worldwide.

Allergy prevention in infants and children is an active area of research but so far, we only have some of the answers.  Recent research has identified some "risk factors" that appear to increase the risk of developing allergic disease.  Other studies are examining whether avoiding or modifying these factors will reduce the risk.

At present we think the optimal approach to prevent children from developing allergies is to follow the AASC Allergy Prevention protocol:

A. Identify infants that have an increased risk of developing allergic disease

B. Practice allergy prevention in the children who are identified as being at high risk of developing allergic disease - both before and after your child is born

We offer the full range of food allergy diagnostic procedures, and have applied the latest research to our Prevention Clinic - the place for pregnant or soon-to-be-pregnant women concerned about the development of food allergies in their children to come to learn what can be done pre- and post-natally to minimize the risk.  Call us today to schedule your appointment (414) 529-8500.

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