Cold or Allergies: How Do I know?
Posted on September 25, 2017

With spring “springing up" around us here in Wisconsin, it’s common for symptoms associated with colds and allergies to also appear.

How do you know which is which?

If your symptoms occur around the same time every year, it could be allergies.

A chart of symptoms from the Mayo Clinic website shows us which symptoms are distinctly cold or allergy symptoms and which are shared.


Symptom check: Is it a cold or allergy?
Symptom Cold Allergy
Cough Usually Sometimes
General aches and pains Sometimes Never
Fatigue and weakness Sometimes Sometimes
Itchy eyes Rarely Usually
Sneezing Usually Usually
Sore throat Usually Rarely
Runny nose Usually Usually
Stuffy nose Usually Usually
Fever Rarely Never

Still not sure? Here’s a fun flow chart from

If you think you may be experiencing allergy symptoms and would like to see one of our providers, call our office today!

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