Are you able to enjoy peanuts?
Posted on September 13, 2018

Today is National Peanut Day, a celebration of the importance of peanut in our diet, culture and economy. Dr. George Washington Carver published his research on 105 ways to prepare peanut for human consumption in 1916. But for an increasing number of people, the thought of hidden peanut in the diet is a constant source of anxiety and fright. If you or a loved one is affected by peanut allergy, it is a good idea to come in for evaluation to better understand your risk of accidental ingestion of peanut protein in the diet.

We can also discuss an off-label treatment option for peanut allergy that is currently available. Even better, we can help get on your radar the two forms of treatment for peanut allergy currently under development. We’ll be able to help you follow the developments to help decide if one of them might be appropriate for you once they achieve FDA approval, which is slated for fall 2019.

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