The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center is now offering a Virtual Clinic by appointment for new patients and follow-up visits. Allergies are controllable, and there is enough disruption from the pandemic without allowing uncontrolled allergies to make you feel worse. Even for people who don't like to take medicine, don't pass up this opportunity to get expert advice on what you can do that will really work to make you feel better ‐ the physicians of AASC embrace the principles of shared decision-making, and will help you decide on the right treatments that are consistent with your beliefs and preferences.

In addition to not letting allergies get you down, it is imperative that people with asthma continue to check in regularly with an allergist during this pandemic to make sure everything is being done to keep asthma in the best possible control. Coronavirus infection does result in more severe complications if there is underlying uncontrolled asthma, so let us help you achieve and maintain optimal control!

How does the virtual visit work?

The telemedicine process is simple and can be done from any computer or mobile device with a webcam. Our telemedicine vendor provides service right in your web browser ‐ there is no need to download any apps to your device or create any accounts.

Virtual visit appointments are available Monday through Friday 10AM through 6PM. Early morning, evening and weekend hours available by prior arrangement.

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